Aims and Objectives of the PVCC

The aims and objectives of the PVCC are to provide a mobile history of cycling through the ages, and promote interest in other like-minded people in order to achieve a secure future for our hobby.

This is achieved by preserving, renovating and riding cycles that were manufactured more than 50 years ago, although some younger machines, with special design features, can often be seen at our displays.

We attend numerous events each summer taking a comprehensive selection of cycles, with the riders wearing the appropriate period costume.

During the year many talks are given to schools by our members to assist with their transport and Victorian Projects. Talks and demonstrations have also been given to the Women's Institute and other such organisations.

The Club actively promotes and encourages new members of all ages. Activities take place throughout the country, and overseas, and membership is by no means confined to the East Midlands.

During the Club's early years members rode cycles from Cyril Mundy's vintage collection, and whilst many members have acquired their own cycles over the years, it is not essential for new members to own a suitable cycle in order to get involved.

Other UK Veteran and Vintage Cycle Clubs

Belvoir Bicyclists (BB) [Disbanded 2006]
Benson Veteran Cycle Club (BVCC)
Boston Veteran Bicycle Club (BVBC)
Bygone Bykes (Yorkshire) Club (BBYC)
Desford Lane Pedallers Veteran Cycle Club (DLPVCC)
Historic Veteran Cycle Racing Club (HVCRC)

Long Sutton & District Veteran Cycle Club (LS&DVCC)
March Vintage & Veteran Cycle Club (MVVCC)
Northleach Old Tyme Wheelers (NOTW)
Solent Veteran Bicycle & Tricycle Club (SVB&TC)
Veteran Cycle Club (VCC)

Rallies and Events

Boston Veteran Cycle Club April / May
Northleach Olde Tyme Wheelers April
Peterborough Vintage Cycle Club May / June
Benson Veteran Cycle Club First Sunday in July
Long Sutton & District Veteran Cycle Club First Sunday in August
Bygone Bykes (Yorkshire) Club August
The National Association of Veteran Cycle Clubs - Annual Rally First Sunday in September
March Vintage & Veteran Cycle Club Third Sunday in September

Bygone Bykes (Yorkshire) Club, Desford Lane Pedallers Veteran Cycle Club and Solent Veteran Bicycle & Tricycle Club have monthly club runs throughout the season.

The PVCC actively supports The National Cycle Collection which is housed at The Automobile Palace at Llandrindod Wells, Powys where approximately 250 cycles and memorabilia are on display.

Mrs Sue Shaw, Miss Stella Young, Mrs Jane Denton
at the Rutland Cycling Clubs Anniversary Ride
 at Sheffield

Mr Gordon and Mrs Christine Rickwood
 at Expo Steam and Country Fair

Ariel Quint and Team at the
1972 NAVCC Rally hosted by
Boston Veteran Bicycle Club